Monday, December 20, 2010

Mathematics = discovery of truths through play?

Today, thanks to Pamela at Always Learning, who linked to Robert Krulwich's I Hate Math! (Not After This, You Won't), here is a snippet of an idea that mathematics is about expressing truths within patterns discovered through playing with ideas.

I wish to share this video with my boys - and as neither are beside me right now, I wonder if I have this blog linked to my facebook?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halo Reach review

Graphics. I really liked the graphics very detailed with the grass and trees I also liked the water detail they did the graphics for explosions and flames very well.
They did the jet pack visual effects very well I didn't see any glitches with it.

The assassination effects looked really cool instead of it being just whack them with weapon you actually pull out a knife and stab them in the back.

Gameplay. I liked the variety in weaponry and vehicles.

Plenty of armor power ups like the jet pack,armor lock which pretty much makes a unbreakable shield around you that can only be destroyed by being run over by a car or vehicle,bubble shield which makes a bubble that lasts a few seconds and is able to sustain much damage before being deactivating,evade which allows you to roll out of the way of grenades,missiles and enemy vehicles,also there is sprint which allows you to run much faster than normal great for swapping cover,active camouflage which makes you invisible when you are standing still or walking slow running will make you more visible to enemy's and the same with shooting your weapon, and my favourite a hologram which you can active and make it run to a certain spot very good for trying to flank the enemy.

I liked in the campaign they introduced new armor ability's slowly and weapons so you wouldn't rush through them all.

I really liked being able to buy and customize my character with the different colours and armour.

I also liked that the hostiles weren't to easy to deal with and took some planning to deal with.

I got between 1-3 hours of game play with each mission.

Another cool thing was the forge mode being able to create buildings statues hidden caves and more.

I am glad they made it so you cant dual wield in halo reach to keep it in line with halo combat evolved.

I really liked how they connect halo reach to halo combat evolved the original by explaining why they were looking for the weapon in halo combat evolved and how they knew about it.
Also how they explained how cortanna was in halo combat evolved.
I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Fable 3 review: ehhhh

Graphics. I was a little disappointed in the graphics they didn't change alot from the fable 2 graphics.
I saw a few bugs where the hair would stick out of someones hat or helmet and then go back in.

I was a disappointed with the loading screens a bit disgusting and weird I preferred it when it had the area as the loading screen like in fable 2.

When digging in fable 3 I would have preferred it if the dirt graphics were a bit better and actually being able to see the dirt on the spade instead of just digging up nothingness and then have dirt appear out of nowhere and then disappear when it gets to the ground

Game play. I would have preferred a larger variety of enemy's.
again like in fable 2 it was a bit too easy for my liking and mostly the same reasoning with the death system.

I wasn't to fond of the changes they made to the experience system and the range of ability's completely changed it instead of having your 4 experience groups will,skill,strength and your normal experience they replaced it with guild seals and you use guild seals to get expressions, level up jobs and get new spells.

The weapon evolvement was pretty cool made the weapons a bit more exciting instead of the same thing through out the game.

I would have preferred it if there was a bit more king options I think they really rushed the king stage of the game.

There is a lot of quests to do although they are mostly easily finished in a few minutes.
The real estate was pretty cool fun to do was pretty easy to maintain because you could just have a look at all the houses and buy adjust prices from your map in the sanctuary
the real estate was a bit harder than in fable 2 which I was happy with because the reason it was harder is because you actually had to be playing to get gold from it unlike in fable 2 where you could buy some houses then not play for a week or so play again and have a few million gold in your bags also when you buy houses in fable 3 you need to check up on your houses time to time and repair them.

There was a fair few finishing kill moves for example jumping off hands and snapping neck with knees or parrying then slashing them with sword or the classic turning head into pancake with hammer.

Storyline/Spoiler alert
The idea of having to build an army to overthrow your brother the king I liked but I would have preferred it to go a bit longer than only half the game

I didn't like the final half of the game you have to fight this enemy called the darkness with only a small story behind it and that is that it attacked Aurora and it wants to kill everyone in Albion
so you have to save up 6.5million to get proper defences for your people.

I think that the darkness was a bit pointless and instead after overthrowing your brother it should have been a bit more focused on the kingdoms economy.
Although I was glad there was a finally boss fight
I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Update: pc version

I got the Fable 3 PC Version a few days ago and to be honest there wasn't really any improvement in the game except for the smoother graphics.

Also I found I could hear the sound effects better in the pc version. When I played the xbox I couldn't hear the voices through the sound effects and music. This could be because I was using a headset for the PC. But I did not have any on the xbox so I had to keep the volume loooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

The aiming for weapons was a bit easier in Fable 3 PC but that's mainly because I am use to pc games.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Dead Redemption

One of the things I liked about the was that the storyline wasn't quick. I hate it when games are short and completeable in 1 day.

The story was interesting I havent quite seen a storyline like that before at first you have to find one of your old workmates/friend and arrest him because of the crimes he has commited and take him to the government

One of the things I am looking for in a game is to be able to finish it and then still want to finish it again and i didn't quite find that in red dead redemption

I was a bit disapointed at the end at bit to easy and it felt like I was in the starting spot again
I also didnt like it how the that you played characters changed I found the new character AKA your son to be a bit more rude he speaks a bit ruder to the animals you skin and mount unlike your first character who trys to comfort the mount

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fable 2 review

I've completed it 3 times and all 3 profiles are rich and own most of the properties and are all masters of melee and 2 are masters of all 3 skills and I still like to play it.

First time took me a few weeks although I was still learning. Second time through it took I think 1 weeks and then third time around 2-3 days without intense playing.

Plenty of hours of gameplay; plenty of abilities to learn; so much to find in the game.
Storyline was okay; the game was a bit easy although unlike in Fable 1 in which if you die in the middle of a mission without a res potion you have to restart, in Fable 2 if you die in the middle of a mission without a res potion you only get a scar and lose all exp that is on the ground and then you can get right back up and keep fighting.
I found the ending cutscene a bit too long

Thursday, July 01, 2010

GUK / Tacoma-Vancouver

Cat waiting

Thursday: Sadly, Uncle Karel's illness was playing up again, so we had a relaxing morning at the hotel until Julie was able to pick us up to take us around for another delightful chat at Karel's.

Julie and I shopped and I was thrilled at the low cost berries and nuts for our trip. After another beautiful meal, Julie took us to the station. The Amtrak Cascades continued to provide a comfortable train trip to Vancouver. Black top cab disappointed to have short fare to YWCA. So tired we went to bed without showers.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Albany-Tacoma / GUK

Previous posts on trip: Departure...Arrival...Day 2 ... Day 3 ... Day 4 ... Day 5 ...


After another delicious and delightfully presented breakfast (Ursula sets a high standard for hospitality which would be heaps of fun to try to return)
Breakfast at Ursula's
with a special treat courtesy of Stephen:

we were sad to say goodbye to Ursula who graciously drove us to Albany to catch the Amtrak to Tacoma.

We were very impressed with the uniformed guard and the business class service on Amtrak Cascades.

Rice for lunch on Amtrak Cascades

While the boys enjoyed the supplied power for their digital devices: Kakuro were my entertainment:

Another Kakuro solved

Uncle Karel picked us up at the station in Tacoma, showed us his work and introduced us to colleagues. Had a lovely chat while he drove us to check in at a hotel that appears to provide a beautiful accommodation (which struck me to be similar to Australia's Best Western and favoured of the military), and then to his home.

GUKs apartment building

Julie made lovely meal of cold meat subs with beautiful salads. Uncle Karel drove us to hotel and we agreed to meet for breakfast.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oregon coast

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Tuesday: to the coast: Sean took us tidepooling, so we saw anemone, starfish, rockfish babies, seals.

Ran out of breath climbing up through Hobbit Walk, so stopped to photograph funghi.

Visited sealion caves

Seal colony

then an insect-eating plant.


Climbed sanddunes while Sean shopped at his favourite coin collection store.

Yes, our feet touch earth

Ant on ...what flower is this?

Into Florence


Tea at Waterfront Depot

Waterfront Depot

where I tried crab-encrusted halibut which Ursula said was disappointingly unlike the first she'd had there. The Calamari fingers were okay, but I forgot to salt them, and they were served with a tomato based sauce! Pomegranate cocktail was lovely. Boys had icecream from BJ's but after receiving a taste (the store offers) Ursula and I were unimpressed and avoided it. Regret to admit I slept much of the way back in the car.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Horses, wine and bicycles

Previous posts on trip: Departure...Arrival...Day 2 ... Day 3

Trip Photos at Flickr


Monday. The boys spent the day with Sean while I went with Ursula to observe her grad student's tests of horses. I was pleased to get a few cuddles, well... nuzzles. Not so pleased that night to realise I had let myself get sunburned. After observing the vet students Ursula and I went to Ankenny for winetasting and a spot of cheese (Ursula what was that cheese?) and crackers and grapes. Saw some birds, maybe osprey but only got photos of a fake one on a string.

After grocery shopping (I got to drive Ursula's cart back into store) and unpacking the boys played Bocce.

For tea: bbq, with grilled corn and a butter I squished together (didn't quite follow the recipe which I must get from Ursula), Chicken and garlic sausages, spicy coleslaw... (again must get recipe). Beautiful brownies for dessert.

Bicycles and Risk

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snow kangaroo and frogs

Previous posts on trip: Departure...Arrival...Day 2

Trip Photos at Flickr

Though awake at 8am, by end of beautiful breakfast: seeded pancakes (pikelets) syrup, blueberry jam, rockmelon, Indonesian tea: we had a late departure for the next tour Ursula had planned.

We saw two squirrels on the way out of town. Unfortunately I am making these notes in retrospect and have forgotten some details.  We visited a lookout to Mt Washington; Suttle lake (apparently the Canadian goose and gosling are a common sight). Yummy memory = lunch: Ursula's beautiful turkey sandwiches with avocado, havarti cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise. Cherries. Nectarines, Chips, Ursula's mum's cake. Chips for the goose.
Took photos of feet in the water.

Aargh! I have forgotten to charge the camera - :( So frustrating - now I see it would have been worth having a second battery. Silly silly.

Ursula wanted to show us the lava flows along a particular road - but that road was closed, so we ended up at ?was it? McArthur Ridge? - SNOW! - oh the conflict in my memory - excitement and joy about snow in summer - delight at just the right quantity: enough to make a snow kangaroo when challenged by Ursula and to have a snow ball fight with the boys; but also sympathy and guilt remembering Ursula silently struggling with her injured leg across the squelchy skiddy snow.

Drove back past ?- oh Ursula can you remind me of the name of the? Lake where we stopped to catch frogs. I caught two - ursula has photos. I'll post when I get copies.

We did end up seeing Lava flows and Ursula spotted one shaped like a squirrel.
The hour getting on we again changed plans, this time for tea to Mexican in Sweet Home at Los Dos Amigos. Huge plates, Grilled chicken, beans and mixed vegetables.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good morning Oregon: Portland / Corvallis

I woke at 3:54 and 8 am to an odd purring/flickering sound that may have been associated with the airconditioning from the next room - perhaps paper stuck in the vent. Unfortunately Fish had woken 5am and was not able to get back to sleep.

Breakfast was good: scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, yoghurt.
The lovely waitress kindly obtained tea for me, but the milk option (half and half) as on the plane was not very pleasant to me. Perhaps I should stick to herbal teas here.

We managed to be ready for when Ursula and Steven picked us up at hotel in a blue Prius.  Apparently this was funny for the boys – something to do with jokes by Jeff Denham. 

Steven drove us to Multnomah Falls.  I will upload photos of the waterfall, wildflowers, highway restoration, railway line at Flickr.

Oh drat I haven’t yet taken a photo of those interesting train cargo trucks with central support rail – what do they normally transport? Then we stopped at Vista House which now provides a history of the building of (?Oregon’s first) highway. The attendant told us that this rest spot was an afterthought and they just went overboard: pink limestone walls, marble floor, busts of Indians as ?cornices (is that the word I mean?).

For a late lunch at Pappa Haydn's Fish and I had some fancy sort of Tuna Salad (yes I wish I remember what specific kind) in which nicely herb-crusted slices of half-cooked tuna sat atop a bed of avocado with lettuce dressed with vinaigrette on the side – I quite enjoyed it, Fish found it strange but did eat it all; followed by delicious lemon and blueberry cheesecake. Cricket enjoyed his hamburger.

We enjoyed exploring Powell's bookstore in Portland and although I wished I had my wishlist with me, I couldn’t have bought more: just not enough room in our bags. I kept looking at the residences in that part of Portland with almost everyone of them having steep steps to a verandah of some sort at the front door, often balconies. The steps reminded me of the "stoop" described in a book I read as a child, probably by Scholastic, I think was called Amy and Laura.

During the drive to Corvallis when we weren’t unfortunately falling asleep I noted varieties of homes I don't see in Australia.

After a tour of Ursula's lovely home and garden, and chat over gin and tonic, I tried a fresh cherry - yum. I’ve always disliked cherries – based on the nasty things in cans of tropical fruit salad and fruitcake.  For tea: lasagna and salad: yum yum. Rhubarb and strawberry pie with cream and Rooibos red tea for dessert. Yum.  Drambuie.

Such a long day – we are very grateful for such generously kind hospitality.

Friday, June 25, 2010

America, here we are

We were very glad to arrive in LA.  There was a longish wait at immigration, but finally our finger  and thumbprints were taken, and there were no problem with ESTA visa waiver - we didn't even need the printout I had ready.   We had no problem getting our bags thanks to Fish: Cricket and I were walking around not seeing Cricket's bag but it was the first one Fish had collected so Fish was looking for his own bag. It was a longer line at customs although when we got to the point, the actual procedure to get through was very quick. Turned on phones and found we had local services, thank you AAPT.

We asked a couple of people and found the domestic terminal (Alaska airlines) rather quickly and within walking distance. Used a machine outside the terminal to get boarding passes and start checkin of bags (feeling proud of myself for use of new-to-me technology). Completed checking inside then entered line for security passage to gates.  Long line.  We could have taken our little suitcases as well as our backpacks as carryon, saving $20 each but we knew this before we left and had brought toiletries which were not permitted in carryon. We were early for flight so after finding our gate we had tea at Burger King, having forgotten that American "large" meals would be too large. 

During the flight I tried Gogo internet which was free on Alaska airline at the moment, and had no problem connecting, but I was too tired to think of what to write where and to whom. It was also the wrong time of day to communicate with anyone.

There was hardly anyone at airport in Portland when we arrived (11:30pm)ish, so we followed signs nervously to baggage claim, which was right near the exit and friendly staff helped us find the taxi rank, as Sarah had told us the hotel did not have a shuttle (perhaps she meant at that time of night). I wasn't sure the taxi driver had understood which hotel to take us to, but he got us to the right one and my first tip was incidental as the $20 bill I had was a good tip over the cost of the fare.

The night superintendent at Hilton Garden Inn Portland Airport was a welcome and sympathetic sight.  There was some confusion over our rooms as he saw in the computer only a room with one bed and no spare, certainly not the connecting rooms Sarah had told us about.  He changed our room, then when we arrived at it he rang through to apologise for the confusion as he had found another booking under Cricket's name.  We ended up with a second room down the hall, a king bed for me and double each for the boys.  My key wouldn't work and on the way down to sort that a staff member was on his way up with a letter of apology for the confusion and vouchers for complimentary breakfast. After showers, a quick email to Ursula as I had forgotten to send her a text about our safe arrival and it was now too late at night, we tried to sleep.

America, here we come (playing Kenken)

This day was 34 hours long…(and this post has no photos, yet - but friends & family with Flickr accounts can see our departure photos in our Flickr set for the trip)

Up at 8am (Australian time), final packing, remembered I had not enrolled for course next semester, chatted with Ontario friend on MSN.

Toni took us to the Ballarat Station to catch the Ballarat Airport Shuttlebus, via Ballarat Books to pick up book for Cricket's course next semester. We were early to the station so we bought wedges and many packets of chewing gum at the cafeteria.

GUF called to check our departure time, and decided to meet us and wait with us even though we would be hanging around for three hours. Check in went smoothly although I felt a little nervous letting go of our bags which would be transferred to our international flights at Sydney. After a loo call we strolled to Subway for the boys' lunch, picked up Australian flags for Melissa’s children, then strolled back to McDonalds and caught GUF on the way - he knew where I would be.

Over lunch Cricket remembered he had not told Centrelink about his new course or going to US - okay we would phone it in.  On our way to the gate looking for a quiet place to phone we spotted strudels, so GUF bought the boys donuts, and then we spotted phones and an internet kiosk.

Unfortunately the reception over the airport’s Telstra booth was lousy so we called home again via Cricket’s phone, and while Div sought the appropriate number for Youth Allowance at Centrelink for us, we bought internet time but that was incredibly slow and we forgot Cricket's password anyway. With the number from Div and a typical (yet to see how expensive) period on hold, we managed to give relevant information over phone. Also called AAPT to confirm global roaming would be on both phones.

Finally we strolled to Gate 1 and GUF waited with us till our flight.  It was great to have his company. I began my pile of puzzles with Kenken - GUF helped me understand how they work.

We don’t recall anything about the domestic flight, but the transfer to international terminal was made easily with clear directions, streamlined check in and a shuttlebus. The international flight began well if a little cramped. There was a selection of free tv shows and movies, although I needed the attendant to press a few buttons to make mine work. Tea on the plane was ok. It was all but impossible to sleep. Long painful night. Trying not to think about return trip. Breakfast was not as nice as tea.

Was the 4x4 Kenken too easy for you? Try this one:

Monday, May 24, 2010

modernwarfare 2


. I liked the campaign a lot. its not entirely concentrated on the 1 character but instead you play as 3 different characters on different missions.
hours and hours of gameplay which is great if you like to stick to a game for as long as possible but dont want to be repeating it all the time.
I found multiplayer alot of fun funny killcams.

this is just a small clip of me sniping on multiplayer


graphics were awsome very detailed.
Ive recently made a few videos on hiding spots for multiple maps on multiplayer I think there will be some links inside the video that I have placed above.
scenery is one of the most important things in multiplayer often people will prone in the bushes and be almost invisible in certain maps.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Cause 2

Gameplay. A few of the things I liked to do is drag people from planes cars and helicopters.
Another fun thing is climbing buildings with a parachute and a grappling hook yeah I know: sounds ridiculous.
Another thing is driving my car over a cliff and watching the car spin around and around and around and then somehow survive the fall W.T.H.

There is plenty of play time: it took me over 14 hours to just get 27% of the game done though painfully I cant finish the game because when I finish the second last mission the game quits on me and I can't make a new profile!!!
Plenty of achievements to work on.

Graphics. Good detailed (realistic) graphics which is awesome: the scenic detail in the rocks, plants (shapes of trees), grass, roots, moving tree leaves.
Just Cause 2 has the best underwater graphics (again, the scenery: waving seaweed, starfish, shifting light patterns) I have seen though I haven't been underwater in many games. The character even appears wet when he comes out of the water.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

War Rock vs Combat Arms

While I was loading War Rock I realised that it had the same HackShield as Combat Arms (mum these are both first person shooter games) and both have the problem with hackers. I found, last time I played Combat Arms, there were a lot less hackers than War Rock.

The graphics for Combat Arms are better War Rock's, possibly because War Rock is older. By better I mean: I think the scenery in Combat Arms was maybe a little more detailed; but also the guns look better.

CombatArms has a larger variety of game modes than War Rock. For example I loved quarantine mode. In this mode there is a maximum of 16 players on the server all on 1 team; there is a 20 second timer and once that timer gets to 0 a proportion of players will become zombies - and for up to the next 3 minutes the zombies try to convert everyone else that is trying to stay alive. How to stay alive? RUN... RUN...RUN. Or: have everyone team up in a room and just defend with mines, flamethrowers, machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. I say those weapons because they are the most effective. Or I've seen some people just blow themselves up with bombs - chickens.

CombatArms has a larger variety of weapons that you can get without actually spending real life money. I liked the SCAR because it did good damage at short and medium range with good accuracy and the G36E which performs even better damage than the SCAR but can also scope and was a bit more accurate.

Another good thing about CombatArms is that you dont have to pay for maps.