Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Albany-Tacoma / GUK

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After another delicious and delightfully presented breakfast (Ursula sets a high standard for hospitality which would be heaps of fun to try to return)
Breakfast at Ursula's
with a special treat courtesy of Stephen:

we were sad to say goodbye to Ursula who graciously drove us to Albany to catch the Amtrak to Tacoma.

We were very impressed with the uniformed guard and the business class service on Amtrak Cascades.

Rice for lunch on Amtrak Cascades

While the boys enjoyed the supplied power for their digital devices: Kakuro were my entertainment:

Another Kakuro solved

Uncle Karel picked us up at the station in Tacoma, showed us his work and introduced us to colleagues. Had a lovely chat while he drove us to check in at a hotel that appears to provide a beautiful accommodation (which struck me to be similar to Australia's Best Western and favoured of the military), and then to his home.

GUKs apartment building

Julie made lovely meal of cold meat subs with beautiful salads. Uncle Karel drove us to hotel and we agreed to meet for breakfast.

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