Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playful studyful Sunday

As I lean back from studying Australian Sign Language: an introduction to sign language linguistics courtesy of UB's ebook service from Ebook Library, I noticed that the scene at our computers is not as "same everyday" as I had recently begun to imagine.

When I shared my thoughts with the boys they pointed out that it isn't unusual really, we each have a huge variety of occupations at the computers and away from them. Tonight it just happens to be that Fish is playing Combat Arms and Cricket: Star Trek Legacy, although since I began posting Fish has moved on to Star Trek Legacy and Cricket to watching Star Trek Voyager on DVD.

Earlier today I practiced at the violin, entered dockets into our budget, posted notes about my last placement shift to the unit's Blackboard discussion forum; Cricket bought new bowling shoes and practiced at TenPin thanks to his aunt playing chauffeur; Fish played with his cousin, the kitten and a double handful of internet games.