Thursday, November 13, 2014

Portal 2: Part 1 - single player

First thing I want to say about this game is that this game is fricking AWESOME.
I completed Portal 2 in about 14 hours. That does include finding and completeing all Singleplayer achievements.

I found every puzzle GREATLY enjoyable. No matter how easy or hard.

I had 107s of fun getting to the end of a puzzle using the wide variety of tools around the map including:
  • Spiralling tractor beams pick up objects (or you) that touch them, and move you along the beam backwards or forwards depending on the colour of the beam blue or orange;
  • Laser beams which can be used to destroy hostile turrets, shoot into switchs similar to using a box on a button but instead it can only be done by a laser;
  • Sunlight bridges which allow you to walk on pretty much anything heh pretty 1337 ehh?
  • Repulsive gel which can be spread around the test room and used to jump higher when you land on it you will go higher depending on how high you jumped onto the gel from;
  • Acceleration gel which can also be spread around the test room and when walked on greatly increases walk speed;
  • Portal gel which can also spread around the test room and be used to place portals on surfaces the gel has hit.

Graphics. Not the best Graphics I have seen for a game in 2011 but definently enough for me to stop somtimes and just look around the map

Here is a GameSpot video review VIA youtube: