Thursday, November 13, 2014

Portal 2: Part 1 - single player

First thing I want to say about this game is that this game is fricking AWESOME.
I completed Portal 2 in about 14 hours. That does include finding and completeing all Singleplayer achievements.

I found every puzzle GREATLY enjoyable. No matter how easy or hard.

I had 107s of fun getting to the end of a puzzle using the wide variety of tools around the map including:
  • Spiralling tractor beams pick up objects (or you) that touch them, and move you along the beam backwards or forwards depending on the colour of the beam blue or orange;
  • Laser beams which can be used to destroy hostile turrets, shoot into switchs similar to using a box on a button but instead it can only be done by a laser;
  • Sunlight bridges which allow you to walk on pretty much anything heh pretty 1337 ehh?
  • Repulsive gel which can be spread around the test room and used to jump higher when you land on it you will go higher depending on how high you jumped onto the gel from;
  • Acceleration gel which can also be spread around the test room and when walked on greatly increases walk speed;
  • Portal gel which can also spread around the test room and be used to place portals on surfaces the gel has hit.

Graphics. Not the best Graphics I have seen for a game in 2011 but definently enough for me to stop somtimes and just look around the map

Here is a GameSpot video review VIA youtube:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mass Effect 2 Review

Shooting people in the face, Punching people in the face, Pushing people out windows, talking with people about their feelings -.- Mass Effect 2 has all of this and more.

I enjoyed the multiple conversation reply options with alot of the different answers depending on the situation of the conversation deciding weither you get paragon= good or renegade= evil points or deciding weither you enter a battle or not.

There is plenty of different classes to choose from each with unique abilitys.

There is plenty of different conversation options and classes to choose from to give the game a large amount of replayability.

Mass Effect 2 is filled with sidestorys, sidemissions to complete and plenty of planets to explore to give plenty of extra gametime and interesting characters to meet.

Remember to be careful with your conversation options because just 1 conversation can be the difference between a crew member hating you or a crew member being loyal to you and increasing the strength of their combat abilitys.

It is very important to remember to talk to your crew members because they can give you missions which can improve crew loyalty to you, get more xp, explore more of the map and the overall story of the game.

I greatly enjoyed the length of this game It took about 15-20 hours to complete on LOWEST difficulty and that is without completeing all the side content: missions, planets, sidestorys. etc..

Mass Effect is totally worth your money that you pay on steam which is 19.99 USD or 39.99 USD for the digital deluxe edition

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fish pancakes *does not contain fish*.


1 cup of plain flour.
1 cup of milk.
3 tsp of caster sugar.
1 egg.
Cinnamon sugar *optional*.

Frying pan.

Put the Flour, caster sugar, egg, and milk in a bowl and start whisking until most of the lumps of flour are gone. 

Bring frying pan to high heat.

Add margarine to pan and melt.

Once melted Pour pancake mix until there is a circle just under half the pan and let the mix spread to the edge.

Once its started to cook occasionly lightly shake the pan to keep it from sticking or burning.

Keep it on that side until holes start to appear on the uncooked side then flip it.

Cook until golden on both sides.

*Unfortunately I was not able to get photos of the stages because of lighting issues*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Convincing mum I need Assassin's Creed Revelations

Showed this video to mum earlier now time to convince her to get it:D wish me luck.... i'm gonna need it only got 18ish hours left if I want the bonus content.

Despite what this guy says about the Den Defence, and although I have not personally played Revelations, from what I have heard apparently you play a high ranking assassin and command other assassins and the assassins have always been attacked by the templars so it makes sense that they would occasionally attack and I don't see why it shouldn't have been added into the game. Maybe because I don't mind tower defence gameplay.

Can anyone help me convince mum? Comment below please.

Thanks Ibrahim. and JayNSai.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Brink is exactly what the name says - on the brink of being a great game. A good game, shows a lot of potential, not quite reaching fantastic.

This time I'm not going to write about the game, I agree with Peter Eykemans at IGN:

I went to find about Brink because my Steam buddies were playing it, and comments like this:
"one shining aspect is SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Using SMART, holding a single button lets you navigate up walls, over obstacles, and through the game world. Depending on your body size, you can do more or less with movement, but overall this finesse is fantastic. Nothing in Brink feels quite as good as sliding under gunfire into someone, taking them out with a shotgun."
made it sound interesting.

Some other reviews complained that NPCs were poorly programmed, either weak (no challenge) or overpowered or without a good backstory of their own. The strength imbalance things must have been fixed before I got the game, but the lack of individual stories for characters remained. I'd also been warned about lag - but that also seemed to have been resolved before I tried it out.

I would have liked more rewards to earn, and challenges specific to weapons to unlock attachments for those weapons.

The story was very novel for me - my brief synopses interested my mum, and we would like to have seen the story go further. In Red Dead Redemption they revealed the story slowly, enticingly, while you played; but in Brink they threw most of it at you in the lead-in trailer. There were interesting story developments from the different campaigns but I want to find out where the story can go.

I had 24 hours of game play before getting bored.

If there is to be a 'next', for me to play it, it needs to go "beyond the brink": A story off the Ark; another playing mode like 'capture the flag' or team death match - something to mix it up a little bit; perhaps some more interesting and more even weapons.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mount and Blade: Warband

There is plenty of hours of play to be found in this game and a massive amount of replayability.

There is a great variety of weapons ranging from:
  • Daggers
  • Spears
  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Crossbows
  • Bows
  • Polearms
  • Staves.
I extremely enjoyed how open worlded this game is the freedom you get.
The range of roles you can play in this game each affecting the world around you in different ways:
  • A Bandit: raiding villages and caravans and sneaking into forts to sell your goods. But remember the more bad things you do the lower your reputation (honour, trust) gets with villages and nations.
  • A Trader: looking at the stock exchange in different towns and then buying,transporting, and selling your goods at different towns for the most profit.
  • A Lord: recruiting and training great armies, joining a nation and invading your enemies to become owner of villages, forts and even cities.
  • Or combining all 3 into a combination of awsomeness.
Great thing about this game is that even if you decide to play like one of these 3 you aren't stuck with playing that you can always start training your units for sieging purposes or start trading or start being a meany and stealing from the poor - developing your character.

I had a great deal of fun improving my reputation with Lords and Villages over the land to the point where they would follow me into combat against my enemys and to the point were they would support me in gaining land

There is a good range of Battle scenarios:
  • Defending a village that is under attack;
  • Sneaking into a fortress to rescue random lords;
  • Fighting on an open battlefield with each battlefield being near unique depending where it is on the world map;
  • Invading a fort where you either have to climb ladders to enter the fort and fight on the walls until you have destroyed their forces. or have your soldiers push a large seige wagon which plants a walk bridge for you and your troops to use once it gets close enough to the walls.
  • And defending a fort which is pretty much the same as above but instead you are the ones on the walls and they are the ones pushing the seige wagon or climbing the ladders.
The graphics were ok for a game back in 2009 but definitely not the best from the year.

I was often encountering glitches with the world map after I left a town but this did not ruin the game for me just made it a bit annoying.

I definitely think that this game is worth the 30 dollars at Steam, even for the one play through.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brutal legend

One great feature in BrĂ¼tal Legend is that at the end of every mission you are given the chance to go and upgrade or explore the world or do sidemissions before the next part of the main mission no matter how storyline vital that mission is.

You have 2 weapons: your Axe of Pure Awesomeness, and your Guitar. The Guitar can be used to hit the enemy with lightning or shoot an enemy into the air with a firebomb detonating from under them. You can also use the Guitar to summon your car, melt the faces of your enemy within range that have faces and don't have face protection, make a rally point which automatically orders new troops to come to that location in Stage battle (more information on stage battle further down), and much much more.

Your axe is your main damage dealer and is for close quarter fighting, whereas your guitar is mid-long range attacking and also stuns the targeted enemy for about half a second-1 second if used enough on the target.

There is plenty of after game completion stuff to do. For example:

  • You can go around the world looking for serpent statues. 10 serpent statues will give you a stats bonus like: health increase, health regeneration increase, guitar strings cooling down quicker.
  • Looking for Ormagoden Orbs which reveal more story behind ormagoden God Of Metal.
  • And many other statues/relics you can find

There are also plenty of side missions to do: ambushes on enemy, riding the Death Rack to rain death upon your enemy, races, helping cannon targeting, and the occasional unique sidequest. You can only do each sidemission once but they are there for the entire game even if you decide not to do it when it first becomes available to you.

Another great feature is that while you are driving between missions or exploring or just running over random animals for fun and to see some guts/blood (this can be turned off in the games settings in the options menu) you can listen to different metal/rock songs that you unlock through finding statues and progressing through the game.

There are multiple animals for you to stun and then mount. Mounts can be used to travel or fight with instead of using your car; although when you use animals as a mount you don't get to use your music player until you use your car again. There are still random songs in certain areas so you don’t have to worry about having nothing to listen to while riding a mount other than your car.

And if you are bored of playing by yourself beating up defenceless animals (or bored of getting beaten up by animals) you can go to online mode and play stage battles.

In stage battles you spawn and command your troops from the ground or from the sky. You can fight with your troops, upgrade your stage to unlock new units or upgrade certain units. In the game mode you use fan tribute as a resource. You can gain fan tribute by making a merch booth on a fan geyser. And then build an awesome army of Metal and Rock and then march on to destroy the enemy's stage.

Stage battles can be played against the computer or against real players. You also get to play stage battles throughout the campaign.

There are 3 different teams you can play as: the Iron Heades, the Coil, and the Black Tear.
The Iron Heades being variously deformed humanoids you play as through the campaign; the coil being demons, and the Black Tear being undead people who fell to the sadness of the black tear in the Black Tear Rebellion years ago.

The Coil specialize in strong units but fewer units;
The Black Tear specialize in large amounts of units and are great against infantry;
The Iron Heades are a mix of both: able to amass a fair few troops and still able to do good amount of damage.

My preference is the Iron Heades - mainly because I got to know them throughout the campaign and developed strategies.

One other type of relic that you can find and then pull out of the ground is a vehicle entrance which you can enter and it will automatically take you to the underworld. The underworld is where the titans are and where you can upgrade or paint your car, get new guitar strings (each with different unique powers) or generally upgrade your guitar, upgrade your Axe of Awesomeness, and also buy rock statues of the different people who are in the campaign. While in the underworld you meet Ozzy Osbourne who gives you your upgrades, and makes jokes. I on occasion went in and out of the underworld to see if he would make new jokes.

You can team up with your troops in stage battle mode unlocking a special ability while you are teamed with them.

Graphics. The graphics are pretty good. Extremely smooth graphics for a game in 2009.

Throughout the game I don’t remember ever seeing any glitches or faults in the graphics.

Awesome particle effects when using abilities such as: guitar lightning, firebomb, facemelter, car weapons.

The game starts off as you: Eddie Riggs, a roadie for a rockband, sent into the past into a world of rock and metal music. Where he meets the group Iron Heades and begins helping them to liberate their people from the rule of Lyonwhite.

There is a lot more to the story but I doubt I can say more without releasing spoilers.