Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snow kangaroo and frogs

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Though awake at 8am, by end of beautiful breakfast: seeded pancakes (pikelets) syrup, blueberry jam, rockmelon, Indonesian tea: we had a late departure for the next tour Ursula had planned.

We saw two squirrels on the way out of town. Unfortunately I am making these notes in retrospect and have forgotten some details.  We visited a lookout to Mt Washington; Suttle lake (apparently the Canadian goose and gosling are a common sight). Yummy memory = lunch: Ursula's beautiful turkey sandwiches with avocado, havarti cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise. Cherries. Nectarines, Chips, Ursula's mum's cake. Chips for the goose.
Took photos of feet in the water.

Aargh! I have forgotten to charge the camera - :( So frustrating - now I see it would have been worth having a second battery. Silly silly.

Ursula wanted to show us the lava flows along a particular road - but that road was closed, so we ended up at ?was it? McArthur Ridge? - SNOW! - oh the conflict in my memory - excitement and joy about snow in summer - delight at just the right quantity: enough to make a snow kangaroo when challenged by Ursula and to have a snow ball fight with the boys; but also sympathy and guilt remembering Ursula silently struggling with her injured leg across the squelchy skiddy snow.

Drove back past ?- oh Ursula can you remind me of the name of the? Lake where we stopped to catch frogs. I caught two - ursula has photos. I'll post when I get copies.

We did end up seeing Lava flows and Ursula spotted one shaped like a squirrel.
The hour getting on we again changed plans, this time for tea to Mexican in Sweet Home at Los Dos Amigos. Huge plates, Grilled chicken, beans and mixed vegetables.

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