Monday, June 28, 2010

Horses, wine and bicycles

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Monday. The boys spent the day with Sean while I went with Ursula to observe her grad student's tests of horses. I was pleased to get a few cuddles, well... nuzzles. Not so pleased that night to realise I had let myself get sunburned. After observing the vet students Ursula and I went to Ankenny for winetasting and a spot of cheese (Ursula what was that cheese?) and crackers and grapes. Saw some birds, maybe osprey but only got photos of a fake one on a string.

After grocery shopping (I got to drive Ursula's cart back into store) and unpacking the boys played Bocce.

For tea: bbq, with grilled corn and a butter I squished together (didn't quite follow the recipe which I must get from Ursula), Chicken and garlic sausages, spicy coleslaw... (again must get recipe). Beautiful brownies for dessert.

Bicycles and Risk

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