Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oregon coast

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Tuesday: to the coast: Sean took us tidepooling, so we saw anemone, starfish, rockfish babies, seals.

Ran out of breath climbing up through Hobbit Walk, so stopped to photograph funghi.

Visited sealion caves

Seal colony

then an insect-eating plant.


Climbed sanddunes while Sean shopped at his favourite coin collection store.

Yes, our feet touch earth

Ant on ...what flower is this?

Into Florence


Tea at Waterfront Depot

Waterfront Depot

where I tried crab-encrusted halibut which Ursula said was disappointingly unlike the first she'd had there. The Calamari fingers were okay, but I forgot to salt them, and they were served with a tomato based sauce! Pomegranate cocktail was lovely. Boys had icecream from BJ's but after receiving a taste (the store offers) Ursula and I were unimpressed and avoided it. Regret to admit I slept much of the way back in the car.

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