Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fable 3 review: ehhhh

Graphics. I was a little disappointed in the graphics they didn't change alot from the fable 2 graphics.
I saw a few bugs where the hair would stick out of someones hat or helmet and then go back in.

I was a disappointed with the loading screens a bit disgusting and weird I preferred it when it had the area as the loading screen like in fable 2.

When digging in fable 3 I would have preferred it if the dirt graphics were a bit better and actually being able to see the dirt on the spade instead of just digging up nothingness and then have dirt appear out of nowhere and then disappear when it gets to the ground

Game play. I would have preferred a larger variety of enemy's.
again like in fable 2 it was a bit too easy for my liking and mostly the same reasoning with the death system.

I wasn't to fond of the changes they made to the experience system and the range of ability's completely changed it instead of having your 4 experience groups will,skill,strength and your normal experience they replaced it with guild seals and you use guild seals to get expressions, level up jobs and get new spells.

The weapon evolvement was pretty cool made the weapons a bit more exciting instead of the same thing through out the game.

I would have preferred it if there was a bit more king options I think they really rushed the king stage of the game.

There is a lot of quests to do although they are mostly easily finished in a few minutes.
The real estate was pretty cool fun to do was pretty easy to maintain because you could just have a look at all the houses and buy adjust prices from your map in the sanctuary
the real estate was a bit harder than in fable 2 which I was happy with because the reason it was harder is because you actually had to be playing to get gold from it unlike in fable 2 where you could buy some houses then not play for a week or so play again and have a few million gold in your bags also when you buy houses in fable 3 you need to check up on your houses time to time and repair them.

There was a fair few finishing kill moves for example jumping off hands and snapping neck with knees or parrying then slashing them with sword or the classic turning head into pancake with hammer.

Storyline/Spoiler alert
The idea of having to build an army to overthrow your brother the king I liked but I would have preferred it to go a bit longer than only half the game

I didn't like the final half of the game you have to fight this enemy called the darkness with only a small story behind it and that is that it attacked Aurora and it wants to kill everyone in Albion
so you have to save up 6.5million to get proper defences for your people.

I think that the darkness was a bit pointless and instead after overthrowing your brother it should have been a bit more focused on the kingdoms economy.
Although I was glad there was a finally boss fight
I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Update: pc version

I got the Fable 3 PC Version a few days ago and to be honest there wasn't really any improvement in the game except for the smoother graphics.

Also I found I could hear the sound effects better in the pc version. When I played the xbox I couldn't hear the voices through the sound effects and music. This could be because I was using a headset for the PC. But I did not have any on the xbox so I had to keep the volume loooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.

The aiming for weapons was a bit easier in Fable 3 PC but that's mainly because I am use to pc games.


moonflowerdragon said...

Fish, I like this review. You've given precise instances for why you like or don't like the aspects you critique.

It'd be great if you could get a screen shot of those loading screens to show what you mean - I'm curious what you describe as 'disgusting and weird'.

I'm not following what you mean about the death system.

^^ I gather you like those finishing moves! That's so funny.

Quick comment about using apostrophes and plurals:

the kingdom's. (apostrophe for possessive)

but enemies and abilities as plurals of nouns ending in y.

Fish said...

Thank you, Moonflowerdragon for the comment.
About the death system: in fable 1 so you dont have to restart a mission if you die, you need to either find or buy a resurrection potion,whereas in Fable 2 and 3 if you die you just lose a little xp making it much easier.