Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halo Reach review

Graphics. I really liked the graphics very detailed with the grass and trees I also liked the water detail they did the graphics for explosions and flames very well.
They did the jet pack visual effects very well I didn't see any glitches with it.

The assassination effects looked really cool instead of it being just whack them with weapon you actually pull out a knife and stab them in the back.

Gameplay. I liked the variety in weaponry and vehicles.

Plenty of armor power ups like the jet pack,armor lock which pretty much makes a unbreakable shield around you that can only be destroyed by being run over by a car or vehicle,bubble shield which makes a bubble that lasts a few seconds and is able to sustain much damage before being deactivating,evade which allows you to roll out of the way of grenades,missiles and enemy vehicles,also there is sprint which allows you to run much faster than normal great for swapping cover,active camouflage which makes you invisible when you are standing still or walking slow running will make you more visible to enemy's and the same with shooting your weapon, and my favourite a hologram which you can active and make it run to a certain spot very good for trying to flank the enemy.

I liked in the campaign they introduced new armor ability's slowly and weapons so you wouldn't rush through them all.

I really liked being able to buy and customize my character with the different colours and armour.

I also liked that the hostiles weren't to easy to deal with and took some planning to deal with.

I got between 1-3 hours of game play with each mission.

Another cool thing was the forge mode being able to create buildings statues hidden caves and more.

I am glad they made it so you cant dual wield in halo reach to keep it in line with halo combat evolved.

I really liked how they connect halo reach to halo combat evolved the original by explaining why they were looking for the weapon in halo combat evolved and how they knew about it.
Also how they explained how cortanna was in halo combat evolved.
I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

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moonflowerdragon said...

Hey Fish :D

Another great review because of the details you give of what you like. Hope you can find a way to grab visuals for the comments you make about graphics.

I'd it easier to read if I could recognise a title (like halo combat evolved) more easily within your sentence.