Friday, May 16, 2008

Syce = groom

Via google, Reverse Dictionary gave me:

syce , sice, saice n
1 (formerly, in India) a servant employed to look after horses, drive carriages, etc.
2 (in Malaysia) a driver or chauffeur
(C17: from Urdu sa'is, from Arabic, from sasa to administer)

Again I thought an image might help, though only one appeared relevant this time:

The Tibet Album. "Syce with horse and mule on the Kambala Pass" 05 Dec. 2006. The Pitt Rivers Museum. Accessed 15 May. 2008 .

Notes from The Tibet Album "A syce leading a mule and a pony across the Kamba La Pass. He is dressed in a knee-length, striped robe, a hat and a scarf wound around his head. The animals have leather saddles which suggests the syce is in the service of the Mission."

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