Friday, May 16, 2008

Dulse = purple seaweed

Dulse ona string
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Following another word I didn't know in Scramble... I've learned about this very interesting seaweed.

Firstly a definition search told me dulse is "a reddish-purple seaweed. Used in soups, salads, and vegetable dishes. Very high in iron."

Quite aside from some a lovely variety of photos of dulse fresh-picked, dried and packaged, google image search also led to Laurie Murison's informative page (kwouted below) where I was interested to learn how dulse is picked:
every two weeks--corresponding to the new and full moons. The pickers clamber over slippery rocks, tearing off only a portion of the dulse leaving the holdfasts and part of the fronds. ... Dulse pickers often travel along the shores in dories, wooden, flat-bottomed boats that can be safely landed on the rocky shores. Traditionally rowed, most dories now have small out-board motors. They may use headlamps (similar to the ones miners use) when the low tide occurs at night.

I was also fascinated to read how many different ways it is eaten. Read for yourself:

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