Thursday, June 01, 2006

Carpet Bowls & Wookieepedia

Cricket somehow developed an interest in lawn bowls after watching a few ends on TV, playing his own modified lounge-room version for several days. When I called a local bowls club for information about junior competitions the secretary offered to teach the boys carpet bowls during the winter.

We're now weekly regulars, although today we discovered a tournament in progress using the whole field, so instead we trouped (with two of the Js) to Black Hill. An hour or so of exploring made us all thirsty and quite pooped, so we followed up with an afternoon of Lego and Star Wars (Episode 6). Actually they watched & played while I surfed at the Carnival of the Infosociences, coincidentally stumbling across the Wookieepedia.

Recently, while so desperate for reading material that I read Cricket's Star Wars Jedi Apprentice books (we're waiting for #5 Defenders of the dead which appears to have been in transit from Administration to Clunes for almost a month), I began to wonder just how all the writers and game makers keep the stories and characters consistent. Maybe they don't always, but I look forward to exploring Wookiepedia to learn more.

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