Saturday, May 20, 2006

Fun with GUF

A date to see the Lion King was full of other pleasures and adventures:
  • Riding one of the new trains to town;
  • Battling claustrophobia seeking the surface through Melbourne Central;
  • Exploring the State Library (from the shades of Planet of the Apes to the Chess room);
  • Fish leaping at the Velcro wall in an oversize velcro suit - definitely wish I'd had a camera;
  • Fantasising at MindGames - must remember Fish would like a lava lamp;
  • Lunching at Maccas; and
  • Viewing the city from the Rialto observation deck.
We're not sure how to review the Lion King. (and thankfully we don't need to when such as John Shand saw and heard it similarly to us) While Fish and Cricket were impressed with the opening scenes, particularly the mass gatherings, they lost interest through the middle. However GUF and I were both awestruck by Buyisili Zama's vocal performance. Indeed, that was THE highlight for me, yet I can't describe it. As I don't even know whether the African chants had lyrics, let alone how they might translate, it could only be the sounds that reached in to my chest and played my emotions as if they were harp strings. I cried with no idea why, because the story moments themselves aren't that heart-rending.

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