Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reader's Digest

Today I read two articles in August's Reader's Digest.
  • one called Home Smart Home which is on the "homes of the future" by Max Alexander,
    • which is based on Grace, the talking house. I like some of the ideas:
      • projects a list of recipes that would use the items you put on the benchtop.
      • a touch-screen computer you can stick rfid encoded postcards or invitations that could access the internet.
      • smart glass that can be transformed into a TV.
  • the second one is called "Three hours of Fear and Hope" by Kenneth Miller, which is about a plane whose front landing gear had failed. One of the passengers found comfort by his seat mate who said take a "swig of this" and passed him a plastic tonic water bottle and said "its leaded" - the man had smuggled aboard a litre of vodka and tonic.

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