Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mt St Helens welcomes GUK

Cricket and Fish heard of a personal connection to the Mt St Helens activity that Cricket noticed on the news. Their great uncle (GUK) sent us an email about his safe arrival in Washington State, to the delight of Mt St Helens. Naturally we googled for the latest on this event and enjoyed the CVO Photo Archives - Mount St. Helens - 2004 and the Yubanet reports most.

Fish was shocked to learn about the people killed by Mt St Helens in 1980, and begged to be reassured that it would not endanger us! Out comes the globe again, perfect opportunity for geography "lesson".

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peacedragon_45 said...

This is the great GUK...lol. Since arriving in WA I have had to take an interest, as I would anyway 'cos I like volcanoes, as an empath I 'sense' this awakening behemoth. I made the prediction that it would not explode and that it would only 'ooze' its product all over the crater floor and maybe some over the rim. I firmly believe the next eruption to be a couple (2) years down the track. My only concern is that glacier...still that has been steaming along quite nicely. As for my location? I'm approx a 100 miles from ole Helen. And 50 or so miles from his lordship Mt Rainier. So Cricket and Fish dont worry about me just yet. Just wish that I would get a job at the soonest. Mica I dub you moonflowerdragon. Light and Peace all